Here’s a list of publications related to my academic research, and links to download my journal articles. I do have a full academic CV which lists all the various talks and conference presentations I’ve done. If for some reason you’d like to see that, just let me know.

Research articles

“‘We Want No Authors’: William Nicholson and the Contested Role of the Scientific Journal in Britain, 1797-1813.” British Journal for the History of Science 47 (2014): 397-419 (doi: 10.1017/S0007087413000964). Winner of the Singer Prize, the British Society for the History of Science’s biennial award for an essay by an early career scholar.

“Philosophical Intelligence: Letters, Print and Experiment during Napoleon’s Continental Blockade,” Isis 106, no. 4 (December 2015): 749-770. (doi: 10.1086/684807). Winner of the 2014 Nathan Reingold Prize from the History of Science Society.

Everything else

Essay Review of Aileen Fyfe, Steam-Powered Knowledge: William Chambers and the Business of Publishing, 1820-1860, Reviews in History, 2013.

“Went to Sir JB’s”: Charles Blagden’s diary and scientific life in Georgian London. Guest post at the Royal Society of London’s History of Science blog.

“The Blockade Runner”. (On Sir Charles Blagden and scientific communications between Britain and France during the Napoleonic Wars). Distillations Magazine 1 (Spring 2015): 8-9.